Great Debut For Alec Cutler In Multihull Racing

After savoring the success in the M32 Chicago Regatta, Alec Cutler in the multihull racing, could not have asked for a better debut.

The skipper of Royal Bermuda Yacht Club won the two-day regatta along with his Hedgehog crew, that include Mustafa Ingham Team BDA sailor, by nine points over Convexity to register a stunning debut in the M32 catamaran one-design.

Cutler said, “Other than luck of the beginner, we learnt quickly and become better each single day in niches of sailing conditions.”

“We got the start down, which are 90 per cent of these races. About a third of the starts, we won and we never secured below fourth position at the first reach mark, and that gave us more options downwind.

He added “I did this for the first time and sometimes doing something for the first time keep you focused a bit more. It could be possible that if I do it next time, I won’t be as good.”

“This is the first time I sailed a multihull and during the race, some of the stuff is really hard and it really not possible for me to translate how hard that was, like racing starts. However, if talk about Steering a multihull boat, then it wasn’t that hard; it was more like getting orientated around racing starts, and  for me that was the kind of weird after 40 years of traditional monohull starting, however, the other principles in the boat were quite similar. Yes, the acceleration in the boat was also quite a wild.

“On Saturday, we had the knots of 14 to 15 and it was 8 to 12 on Sunday. So the first day was full-on. But the second day was full of challenges, though we kept our focus won the race.”