Katie Spithill Wins WIM Series

Katie Spithill, the one of the most experienced skippers in the world, has been part of Busan Cup International Match Race ever since they inaugurated the event in 2008. That’s not completely as she stayed away for one year when she had to deliver her daughter. Even though she has been part of it for years, she has won the series for the first time in 2016. She defeated Britain’s Macgregor, who is a 2-time champion.

After winning the series, she told the reporters she’s very happy with the win as she has been attending it regularly for the past 8 years. And that makes it a very sweet victory for her.

The sailing conditions were really challenging outside Haeundae Beach. The wind was making the race very difficult as they had to deal with gutsy, puffy and shifty winds. She won the semis 3 – 1.

What helped her during the semis was the boat speed. They had incredible boat speed, especially downwind, which was something they later said they had practiced on their Bareboat charter in Croatia. The opponents agreed to the fact that they made several mistakes. And that resulted in Katie taking advantage of the scenario and overtaking them at the right moment, leading up to her incredible win.

Speaking of the other semi, Anna Ostling faced Lucy Macgregor. Anna Ostling didn’t show a compelling performance. She didn’t really have much choice. Considering the fact that she was world’s No.1, the defeat was shameful. Anna had won the VIM series beforehand. She was defeated 3 – 0.

When asked about this, Macgregor said that she had a very pleasant ride sans any trouble. It was a smooth ride for her.

Ostling admits that she made so many stupid mistakes during the race. She claimed that she didn’t get the flow. She also said that she couldn’t manage to attain the speed they have been looking for.

And in the final, Spithill and Macgregor had a very tough fight. But Spithill was in top form as she continued her winning streak.