Lonely Lead Of Vendee Globe

The championship of Vendee Globe is going on and according to the latest report because of high pressure and the lighter wind area Alex Thomson shortage from Armel Le Cléac’h has grown much and it is continuing day after day

All the participants are facing tough weather condition in sea and are hoping to get normal weather conditions in the coming days. Le Cléach said “By today night or tomorrow the weather conditions should get to ease tonight and it will be going to nice for all participants after such witnessing such challenging conditions. In Southern Ocean it was hardly any day when we have sailed in below twenty knots conditions.”

Le Cléach, in the past 24 hours has covered 444.6 NM, on his lead in championship Le Cléach said “It is encouraging to have competitor close by. Four years ago in François (Gabart) we faced a similar situation; there we were alongside each other. In this championship, the difference is we are separate still very close. It is fascinating and motivating watching strategy of each other and also the choices of routing.”

Cleach further added that, “Past days of championship weren’t easy; there were heavy seas and gusts of 50 knots. On board the conditions were not at all easy to deal with; from eating, moving around and getting dressed all was difficult. In front of us a secondary law was and we had to make up with that, I my case it was like going around the south.” He further added that “When the race begun, we had lots moment, which were full of complications and I including my other team members were wondering whether these complication will go off ever. However, we knew we had to keep to it; and so, we did, and we have proud of it.”